Teeth Whitening

By Caroline Eskow, DDS, MS

Full Mouth Restoration
Full Mouth Restoration

Giving you your whitest smile

Many patients are happy with their smile, but wish to brighten and whiten their teeth. Many products are now available for patients to whiten their teeth. These products include commercially available strips; custom fabricated trays with a bleaching gel or bleaching in a dental office using UV light or laser as the catalyst. There are limitations to these products. Visit with your prosthodontist to determine the best teeth brightening and whitening procedures for you.

What to Expect

In general, the higher concentration of bleach and the longer the bleaching agent is on the tooth surface, the more brightening will occur. Your prosthodontist can provide in-office bleaching or a bleaching tray to take home, depending on how quickly results are desired. A bleaching tray from your prosthodontist typically contains 10% carbamide peroxide, whereas over the counter products are lower in concentration and will need more applications to get the desired effect. In-office bleaching is the strongest and most quick-acting bleach available. In-office bleaching takes about 1 hour and patients will see an average change of 3 shades whiter.

Full Mouth Restoration

Consider Teeth Whitening If...

  • You would like to have a whiter smile
  • You have stains or darkening due to food or drink like coffee or wine
  • You need a faster, more lasting alternative to over the counter products
  • NOTE: You should see your prosthodontist before beginning any brightening because certain people are not candidates for this treatment.

Full Mouth Restoration

Want to learn more about teeth whitening? We're very happy to arrange a consultation at any time to evaluate your specific needs.